12in Braising Pan WITHOUT Lid


Very intentionally designed to have two handles, where many other pans would just have one... We believe that the heft of iron should be held with comfort and confidence. These two handles make for easier lifting, baking, serving, and cleaning than on any other pan of comparable size. And with sidewalls that are low enough to work in easily, and high enough to hold a full meal, this pan will be your go-to for family dinners.

  • Nest Cookware is double seasoned with organic flaxseed oil, which gives it a strong base of protection against rust, a naturally non-stick surface, and a lustrous bronzy hue. Some cast iron cookware is seasoned with other oil blends and fired at very high temperatures, resulting in the black color that you might be more familiar with. We’ve found our method to be excellent in its performance, and most true to traditional home seasoning. And if it’s black that you’re after, don’t worry - your cookware will darken over time with use.
  • Cast iron cookware can be used on all cooking surfaces, including induction and electric. It can also go from the stove, directly into the oven, making it the most versatile cookware you can use. Keep in mind, many electric and induction stovetops are glass, so just be careful whenever setting your cookware down or moving it across your stovetop to avoid scratching the surface.
  • Non-toxic cookware! No synthetic polymers coming into contact with your food. While non-stick coatings are wonderfully slippery, the fumes that come off of them at high heat have been linked to health complications and even cancer. Nest cast iron cookware is seasoned with naturally polymerized flaxseed oil, giving you a safe, high performance surface to cook on.
  • The cast iron process is sustainable and green. There is very little waste in the production of cast iron. There are only three basic elements used in the cast iron process: heat, sand, and iron. Both the sand and iron are entirely recyclable, and the heat from most new furnaces it generated through induction, which is wonderfully efficient. This means less negative environmental impact on our planet, which is a health benefit to us all.