Scrubby Floss 3



This one of a kind, scrubby floss, is uniquely infused with hydroxyapatite to deliver remineralizing HA to the tough to reach spots between your teeth. Scrubby floss glides smoothly and comfortably between your teeth for optimal cleaning. And because transparency matters, all of our clean, effective ingredients are listed on the carton. We love showing you the good stuff inside!


  • Teflon-free, paraben-free, vegan and gluten free
  • Powered by Hydroxyapatite to strengthen, remineralize and protect tooth enamel
  • 100% safe with proven, effective ingredients.
  • No harmful chemicals like artificial flavors or dyes
  • Naturally flavored with beneficial essential oils
  • Transparent ingredients with no “natural flavoring” hiding


Use enough scrubby floss to wrap around your finger. Glide floss in between all teeth morning and night. For best results we recommend our simple, 3 step or care routine: Floss, Rinse and Brush (with no spitting).

Vegan Wax, Hydroxyapatite, Spearmint Oil, Xylitol, Stevia, Polyester Filament