Intensely Nourishing Hair Oil


This deeply restorative, yet lightweight hair-nourishing oil delivers essential moisture deep into the hair follicle for a frizz-free, silky smooth mane. Clarifying extracts of grapefruit and lemon remove impurities and stimulate the hair for a truly healthy mane, enhancing elasticity and strengthening hair from root to end. Potent botanicals such as hibiscus and yerba de tago revive hair that has been stripped from over-processing and environmental pollutants, while Indian gooseberry and cypriol stimulate the roots and add strength and deep nutrition for hair that shines! - It is an excellent solution for dry ends, frizz control and protection. - It is perfect for all hair types – even hair that has been color treated.
  • Lightweight Restoration: Crafted to be effortlessly lightweight, it enriches your hair without heaviness, making styling simple.
  • Deep Scalp Nourishment: Fortified with vital nutrients, it penetrates the scalp deeply, encouraging robust hair growth and strengthening each strand from root to tip.
  • Frizz-Free Smoothness: Expertly formulated to tame frizz and unruliness, leaving your hair smooth and manageable, ideal for curly and frizzy textures.
  • Intense Moisturization: This oil intensively moisturizes both hair and scalp, addressing dryness and leaving your locks soft and lustrous.
  • Natural and Pure: Composed of natural oils renowned for their benefits to hair, it supports hair health holistically without the use of harsh chemicals.
  • For Everyone: Designed for both men and women, this oil is versatile enough for use on dry or damp hair, integrating easily into any hair care regimen.
  • 100% Organic: This product is crafted with 100% organic ingredients, ensuring purity, sustainability, and maximum therapeutic benefits.

Apply 5-6 drops to roots, scalp and hair as a pre-shampoo or overnight treatment. Use 3- 4 drops on damp hair before heat treatment for protection and brilliant shine. When applying to dry hair, use 2-3 drops on lengths and ends for all day frizz control, conditioning and luster.