Infrared PEMF Go Mat


The GO Mat helps keep the recovery going, on-the-go.

How does it work? Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) grounds you in the earth’s magnetic field for a full-body reset, while Infrared’s deeply-penetrating heat doubles your dose of recovery and detox. An additional layer of healing crystals emits negative ions, which boost your mood and neutralize free radicals in the body. When combined into the Go Mat, these therapeutic technologies create the ultimate recovery tool. No set-up or clean-up required.

  • Accelerate Holistic Recovery
  • Reduce Stress & Support Deep Sleep

  • Increase Energy & Boost Mood

  • Ease Sore Muscles

Potential benefits include:
•  Reduced stress
•  Increased energy
•  Better sleep
•  Improved circulation
•  Improved muscle recovery

Size: 50cm x 100 cm (19.5" x 39")
Weight: 5.2kg / 11lbs
Power: Voltage 110V (USA and Canada), 230V (UK), 220-240V (EU-Non UK), 120 Watts ( Varies based on Country Shipped)
PEMF Info: 2pcs PEMF Cores Implanted. 4 levels of Hz Frequency: 3Hz-23Hz.
Heaters: Mats run in a very safe zone of 0.2-0.8 milligauss. (Global TOC criteria is 2 milligauss. Electrical field: Low EMF.)
Usage: The product should only be used in the country where it was purchased and shipped. Usage outside those geographical locations voids any warranty and can cause severe damage to the product. HigherDOSE will not be responsible for any damages incurred because of this.