Doré Complete Set

By Doré


This set includes La Micellaire, Le Cleanser, La Crème, Le Baume and Le Glaçon.

This set is designed to work together for an upgraded daily routine that’s fragrance free and suitable for all skin types.

  • 86% said skin is perfectly cleansed of sebum and impurities leaving skin clear after using La Micellaire.
  • 86% agreed their skin was brighter and hydrated after using Le Cleanser.
  • 91% of participants said skin is smoother and brighter after 28 days of using La Crème.
  • 91% of participants agreed the award winning Le Baume effectively moisturized their skin’s dry zone and soothed tightness.

Le Glaçon is a contemporary facial ice roller that is designed to reduce puffiness, tighten the skin and calm redness by increasing blood flow in the face.

La Micellaire is a soothing rinse-free everyday cleansing water formulated with antioxidant properties to remove excess oil and makeup.

Le Cleanser, this gel to milk cleanser thoroughly removes makeup leaving your skin perfectly clean and hydrated. Both cleansers are suitable to use on their own or together as a double cleanse.

La Crème, this light, daily moisturizer evens skin tone and reduces signs of aging. Skin is clinically proven to be softer, brighter, and perfectly hydrated after use.

Le Baume, increases hydration of dry areas by more than 20% upon application.

The multi-purpose award winning Le Baume is clinically proven to repair and moisturize any dry area on the face or body.

All products are EWG VERIFIED™ and suitable for sensitive skin.

PRO TIP: add our Clean Towels to ensure your skin is clean after washing and free of any bacteria.