Apple Cider Vinegar Scalp Scrub

By DP hue

Help remove build-up, excess oil, impurities, dandruff, and dead skin with this gentle scalp exfoliator. Made with Apple Cider Vinegar and Pink Himalayan Salt, it gently scrubs away dirt and debris without disturbing the pH balance of your skin and hair, helping to encourage optimal scalp health and hair growth.

How to use: 
Wet hair in shower and squeeze excess water out. Scoop 1-2 tablespoons and rub gently between hands. Start at your hairline and work your way inwards, massaging directly onto scalp. Tip: for longer hair, flip your head over in shower to apply to back of head and crown. Rinse thoroughly. For best results, use in combination with other dpHUE Apple Cider Vinegar products.