Apple Cider Vinegar Daily Scalp Serum

By DP hue


Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp — and a healthy scalp starts with our soothing treatment infused with powerful botanicals. The lightweight, oil-free blend works to nourish and hydrate the scalp as it helps calm irritation, dryness, and imbalance. This serum keeps the scalp balanced while also actively helping to protect against hair shedding and promote healthy hair growth. It also makes an excellent protective pre-treatment prior to hair coloring or bleaching to help prevent scalp discomfort.

In recent customer study:

85% said their hair felt strengthened, less brittle and looks better
88% said their scalp felt nourished
93% said the serum did not weigh down their hair

*Out of 113 people
*Over 90-day trial period

How to use: 
Section hair and apply evenly across the scalp using the dropper. Massage into scalp and roots with fingertips. Use on damp or dry hair. Do not rinse out.