Travertine Plantable Candle


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This Zero-Waste candle is hand poured, soy based, and infused with woodsy base notes. This luxury candle is designed to enjoy a multi-purpose lifespan by turning into a beautiful planter when the candle has finished. Each Plantable Candle includes plantable Seed Paper and a Soil Pod. 

Candle contains:
* Hand Poured Soy Candle
* Plantable Seed Paper
* Soil Pod
Each candle comes in an in-house designed ceramic, reusable pot, is made in the USA and offers approximately 65-75 hours of burn time.

Our specially made dust covers contain culinary seeds and the candles include a soil pack for easy planting once the candle is finished.

The relaxing, uplifting scent makes this candle a perfect bath companion.

Travertine – Patchouli (Earthy, musky), Amber (Balsamic, smoky), Rosemary (Fresh, herbal)
Terracotta – Clean, warm, herbal, lightly sweet floral
Terrazzo – Cedar (Woodsy, warm, Palo Santo (Musky, smoky, Rock Rose (Sweet, herbal)