The Almond Cow


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The Almond Cow Milk Maker is your one-minute solution for eco-friendly, plant-based milk. Automatically blend and separate the pulp from any combination of nuts, grains, or seeds into fresh, preservative-free goodness.

It’s customizable: Create personalized plant-based milk using your favorite ingredients.

It’s fast: Go from nuts to nut milk in just 60 seconds with the fastest milk maker on the market.

It’s healthier: Ditch the additives and make pure, plant-based milk.

It’s sustainable: Every homemade batch saves a carton from going into the environment.

How it works:
Fill the base with water up to the MIN or MAX line, or in between. Add dry ingredients (like nuts, seeds, or grains) to the filter basket up to the 1 cup line. If your recipe calls for liquid ingredients, add them into the water in the base.

Secure the filter basket to the top of the Almond Cow by twisting the basket in the direction of the close arrow. Place the top of the Almond Cow onto the base, making sure the top and base are connected at the top of the handle. Attach the power cord to the base and plug it in. A solid light indicates it is ready for use.

Press the cow button! Your Almond Cow will run for 1 cycle with 3 automatic stages. There will be pauses in between each stage. A flashing light indicates that milking is in progress. This will take about a minute. When the light is solid, your milk is ready. Remove the top of the Almond Cow and stand it in the collector cup. Pour your milk into the Glass Milk Jug or an air-tight container and enjoy!

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