Makeup Remover Set


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This clean combination with remove all your makeup. 

Micellaire will remove impurities, makeup and oil, and the bamboo fiber face towel will wipe it all away. 

La Micellaire contains cleansing micelles that powerfully attract dirt particles and leaves your skin feeling hydrated with no stickiness. These Bamboo face towels are extra absorbent and are made out of 100% bamboo fibers. 

This combo will cleanse and prep your skin before treatment and moisturizing.


Is there a difference between micellar water and toner?

Yes, there is! Micellar water has properties (specifically micelles) that gently remove impurities, makeup and excess oil from the skin. Micelles are so gentle and hydrating to the skin that there is no need to rinse afterwards, or cleanse the skin with an additional cleanser.

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