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With "The Ivey" famous cocktail recipe on the back, so you never have to wing it again.

Shop all of my favorite household items from the kitchen to table decor.

Shop my favorite clean beauty company,
Ilia Beauty.

Leefy Organics

NSAIDS (Ibuprofen, acetaminophen) damage your gut lining and disrupt the gut microbiome. Formulated by a holistic nutritionist, Leafy Organics’ Prana is the one most effective turmeric supplements on the market. The combination of ginger and turmeric decreases inflammation, relieves pain, reduces nausea, improves digestion and improves immunity. No chemicals, no artificial sweeteners, no artificial colors or preservatives, just natural nourishing ingredients.

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Path Water

Path Water is ultra purified to give you the best tasting, cleanest water. Its safe BPA free aluminum bottles are refillable, helping to save the planet and your health

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