Braided Lace Lux Loafer Driver


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A perennial SWIMS best-seller, the Braided Lace Loafer breathes new life into the classic leather loafer with here-and-now functionality and modern construction. Featuring our iconic ventilation and drainage system, this loafer’s non-marking and durable rubber outsole and easy-tie lace keep your good life effortless, step by step. We’ve updated everyone’s favorite loafer with a Bloom algae foam insole and cooling top cloth, a sustainable alternative to traditional insoles that help clean our air and water, so you can look good while doing good.

  • Materials: 42.26% Textile, 49.01% Synthetic TPU, 8.73%Leather


Keep it spotless by brushing off daily grime and, for persistent stains, resort to an organic shoe cleaning solution after testing on an inconspicuous area. The outsole can be cleaned with your usual shoe cleaner, and to give the upper an extra shield against water and brush, occasional applications of Silicone or Waterproof sprays are advisable.

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